Safety as a way of life. Peace • Love • Unity • Respect

10 Safety Tips:

#1: Stay Hydrated

#2 : Take Breaks

#3 : Buddy Systems

#4 : Educate Yourself

#5 : Ear Plugs

#6 : Designated Driver

#7 : Meeting Spot

#8 : Secure Possessions

#9 : Be Aware

#10 : Ask For Help

Who are the PLUR Angels?

PLUR Angels is a peer-to-peer harm reduction non-profit organization that promotes awareness and education of health and safety at music, art, and public festivals.

Through volunteered time, donations, fundraising, and/or the selling of merchandise, PLUR Angels improves the safety for event attendees, provides educational services, and promotes “partying responsibly.”


The Heart of Our Mission

PLUR Angels consists of volunteers who are committed to harm reduction and education for our community. PLUR Angels invites people of all walks of life to volunteer their time and services. Our volunteers survey the venue, monitoring the wellbeing of attendees, and are equipped with basic safety items such as: bottled water, gloves, condoms, earplugs, band-aids, tampons, and sanitary wipes etc. We serve as extra the “eyes and ears” for event medical personnel. Our volunteers are trained to observe risky behavior and signs of someone in distress. In case of an emergency, we have devised procedures that are executed in order to provide the person in need of the proper medical care.


Our first event was POPNYE on December 31st, 2012 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Since then we have expanded to cover events over California and Nevada. Many production companies have endorsed our services. We have worked with The Do-Lab (Lightning in a Bottle), Goldenvoice, Skills, Live Nation, Another Planet, Live105, 99.7, Collective Efforts, LED Presents, Kandi Love, Vital, Midnite, Cloud 10, EPR, and many others which hold events at venues such as SAP Center, Oracle Arena, Fort Mason, Valley View Casino Center, The Warfield, Regency Ballroom, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, San Jose Civic Center, Treasure Island Event Center, DNA Lounge, West Bay Conference Center, City Nights, Sunrise Event Center, etc. MARS Medical, Event Medical Services, Rock Medicine and various medical event service companies also endorse PLUR Angels. We have received requests to expand the program to New York, London, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Florida, Canada, and Australia. We are looking to expand our reach and make a difference in the world.