Making a difference

peace - love - unity - respect

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals and events are a time when people come together to enjoy music on a multi-sensory level. While peace, love, unity and respect are at the forefront, the EDM community has seen tragedy. The rise in event medical emergencies has taken a toll on this unique community, and many question why further precautions have not been taken by the industry.

PLUR Angels is a volunteer organization committed to harm reduction and evidence-based education within the EDM community. Our volunteers attend events and festivals in easy-to-spot shirts monitoring the wellbeing of attendees, disseminating basic safety and first aid items at no-cost, and are able to assist medical and/or security professionals to provide support where appropriate. We provide health items to participants, that they may have forgotten or not have realized they needed: bottled water, gloves, condoms, earplugs, band-aids, tampons, sanitary wipes, etc.

As trained observers, PLUR Angels are able to identify risky environments in which a participant may need professional assistance. PLUR Angels monitor events, providing important information to medical and security personnel, and supply participants with information about available venue resources. Our volunteers facilitate getting those “in-crisis” help, acting as a trusted conduit between the attendee and medical staff.

PLUR Angels doubles as a safety program and a driver for education in these lasting collectives that are built. Our organization helps to create a festival goers’ freedom, novelty in experience, and connection. We are there and not there. We are able to be what the participant needs at that time: a link to help, a friend... an angel.