what we do

PLUR Angels is a peer-to-peer harm reduction non profit organization, which utilizes volunteers to support medical, security, and venue services, as well as provide evidence-based health education, to participants at music events and festivals.


In reality, participants at music festivals are consistently engaging in high-risk behavior. What’s concerning is the average time it takes for a participant experiencing a crisis to receive the appropriate medical care at events where attendees can be easily overlooked. This is one of the many health-related issues that events and festivals face, and is the issue our organization is tackling.

We offer a progressive and organized approach to getting someone assistance, and have developed thorough strategies in supporting the health of participants. We are able to observe and report potentially harmful situations to event medical staff and security, which maximizes the overall impact of medical and security services. By having a surplus of trained and responsive volunteers surveying the entirety of the venue, we put that many more eyes and ears on the field.

The structure in which our organization seamlessly works with medical and security staff is something that is invaluable. Since PLUR Angels is a fiscally sponsored non profit, this structure allows us the opportunity to provide volunteers at a range of events. Our volunteers go through extensive training to be able to identify and respond to potentially risky situations. These trained volunteers have the ability to recognize someone in distress, as well as the direct communication to get it addressed by the appropriate staff.


Our volunteers are equipped with basic safety items and remain mobile for the duration of the event. While circulating the venue we hand out free water, condoms, tampons, and earplugs along with any festival informational resources a participant might need.


What makes PLUR Angels an effective organization is that it is peer driven. Our volunteer base consists of members who enjoy these festivals and consider themselves a part of the festival community. This is the building block for a relationship of trust between the participant and the festival. Not only are participants more likely to trust a peer when provided information, but it also helps to remove the common stigma of “getting in trouble.” A common misconception in the festival community is that by being honest you will get in trouble with official-like personnel at festivals and events. As a result of this misconception, participants can withhold critical information about themselves, or another participant, which can significantly impact their health outcome. One of our main goals is to tackle this stigma because in some cases, honesty can save someone’s life.


Since 2012, PLUR Angels has become known for promoting “partying responsibly” in the dance community. Over the last 5 years, we have trained over 1,200 volunteers in visual cue observations, wellness assessment, “first responder” critical thinking, and essential communication strategies for participants having a difficult experience. Companies that have previously endorsed and/or work with us are as follows, but not limited to: Goldenvoice, Live Nation, The Do-Lab and Another Planet Entertainment.

We have provided safety and educational services for over 1 million people at over 700 events ranging in size of 1,000 to 36,000 attendees. Our volunteers support and educate thousands of event participants each week, through both social media platforms and in-person at events, across California. Our goal is to continue to expand our harm reduction services so that every event can have PLUR Angels watching over them.

We are here to simply make events as safe as possible. “Harm reduction values life, choice, respect and compassion over judgement, stigma, discrimination and punishment.”


By endorsing our organization at events, we are taking an initiative to create a more positive, safe, and secure environment for event participants.

Join us in spreading our wings.